Familia Sanjosé, propietarios de EXTRUAL extruidos del aluminio

This incredible evolution has only been possible thanks to the effort, work and enormous desire to learn from the Extrual family, and furthermore, the trust that our Clients have placed in us for decades, generating an image of quality and service which has led to our growth with new partners and clients year after year, the result of good work. It is for these reasons, if you are a client I thank you for the journey and for continuing to trust us, and if you are not yet a client, we open the doors to show why Extrual makes the difference.

Familia Sanjosé, propietaria de EXTRUAL extruidos del aluminio
francisco sanjosé

Dear friends,

Gardel would say that 20 years is a mere trifleand 40 years seems too few to me. When Extrual was founded in July 1981 with 12 people, 3,000 m2  facilities and a 1,000t press which could barely operated with 6 inch blanks, I never dreamed that today we would be established as one of the leading companies in the sector with more than 60.000 m2, a workforce of over 300 employees and 6 extrusion presses from 1,600t to the last 5,000t press, anodising, lacquering, thermal break system and sublimation plants, machining services, welding, international logistics and a multidisciplinary team that provides solutions in the various industrial sectors as well as in architecture.

Familia Sanjosé, propietaria de EXTRUAL extruidos del aluminio

We are especially proud of our adaptation to the times policy, of continuous reinvestment with the conviction that this is the only formula for success, not only professionally but also personally. This new website likewise responds to this need. We wish to show you what Extrual is and what we can do for you. For any project, you have  your aluminium factory and your partner in design and engineering here. 

Francisco Sanjosé Bartual 
Extrual Founder

Our History step by step



Foundation of Extrual. Commencement of industrial production with 12 people, 3.000m2 and 1 1,000t press. Becoming one of the doyens of the sector in Spain.

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Installation of new 2,200t press which enabled increasing production and sector diversification.

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Third press, this time a 1,800t press, to continue growing.

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Installation of a fourth press, this time a 2,800t press. Likewise inaugurating the thermal break assembly line and the lacquering plant, which positioned us at the forefront of architecture systems.

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We continue to make headway in giving added value with most modern finishes of the moment, implementing a sublimation line and new anodising plant.

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Reinvestment of profits to increase production and sectorial possibilities with a new 2,200t press.

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Competition stiffens and we respond to the market with technology: taking a qualitative leap by automating internal logistics and the installation of the Smart Warehouse.

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The road to conquering the industrial sector is crucial; investing over €20M in the sixth 5,500t press, being pioneers in this capacity.

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Diversification into rail and transport sector clients requiring profiles up to 500 mm, and our sights set on the future of clean energy, recycled aluminium and other industrial sectors of the future.

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2022- Futuro

New sectors, markets and capacity investments await us, as 40 years is a mere trifle.

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