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Every time a project is started you face new ground, full of hopes, but likewise unknowns. EXTRUAL has been that quality partner to lean on for years, an ally that shares your endeavours and celebrates your successes.


It is well known that contemporary architecture requires commitment from manufacturers, collaboration and quality guarantees. That is why EXTRUAL makes available “EXTRUAL Systems”, one of the widest ranges of aluminium profiles on the market, as a result of the constant commitment to innovation in all its processes. Our R&D+i department will be happy to guide you, bringing the experience of our brand to your creativity in strict confidentiality.


We believe, like you, that sustainability must not be an empty word which is used merrily, but that all the products in our range are due to their origin: aluminium, a noble, natural, recyclable and durable element. We would like to thank you personally for your trust in EXTRUAL, a brand where you will feel supported by hundreds of professionals ready to help you make your dreams come true.

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Alloys and treatments

Our range of profiles uses primary aluminium in 6063 alloy and T5 heat treatment, as per the EN 515, EN 573-3 and EN 755-2 Standards and under ISO 9001 certification. The dimensional and thickness tolerances comply with the UNE-EN 12020-2 Standard to offer you the best guarantees. 

  • EN AW-6060 and EN AW-6063: general use. 
  • EN AW-6463: for applications with subsequent high gloss anodising 
  • EN AW-6005A: for applications where higher mechanical characteristics are required. 
  • EN AW-6106: for alloys where higher mechanical characteristics and better surface quality are required for applications with subsequent anodising. 
  • EN AW-6082: for structural applications.

With EXTRUAL you will have the reassurance of working with a wide selection of powder coatings for exterior applications, as a result of the close collaboration with the best manufacturers, such as Axalta Coating Systems. Offering products with paints with high mechanical properties, highly resistant to weathering, committed to a continuous study of new product designs and systems, such as Alesta® Cool, capable of maintaining the same temperature of light coatings in dark finishes. Discover our range of paints 

  • For its gloss - Gloss, Satin and Matte 
  • For its texture - Smooth, Textured and Smooth Textured 
  • Special colours metallic, graphite, oxides, flecked, spatula, sables, quartz, manganese, copper, bronze etc. 
  • Wood effect finish sublimation - Smooth or textured, Class I or Class II, being ember, walnut and cherry the most in demand. 

QUALICOAT Certification Class I for exteriors 
QUALICOAT Certification Class II for exteriors with greater durability (SUPER DURABLE). 
QUALICOAT – SEASIDE (Lic. 425) Certification of our plants 

This finish is an alternative to wood carpentry, with all the environmental advantages of aluminium manufacturing processes. This decoration is made using a polyester paint base without TGIC or polyurethane and a film (recyclable plastic), allowing for a wide range of finishes and a higher quality compared to the paper used in the past. All our processes are accredited under the QUALIDECO trademark. 

In line with new trends, we are continuously updating our catalogue, which has a comprehensive variety of finishes: walnut, cherry, pine, teak, oak, root, chestnut, sapelly, acacia, rugged etc. 

Anodising your profiles will enable obtaining an extremely strong product and resistant to environmental corrosive agents, abrasion and wear. 
At Extrual we are committed to bringing technique and design together with our anodised finishes. Anodised silver, stainless steel, gold, titanium, bronze, burgundy, black and French satin. 
Various hues and mechanical treatments (brushing, sanding, polishing etc.) 

Following a philosophy based on quality and guarantees for our clients and their projects, our our anodising plants are certified by the QUALANODOD quality seal 

Nowadays there is an increased awareness of energy savings and this trend is embodied in the different regulations in each country. This has resulted in a continuous improvement of our systems to comply with the existing regulations in each market. Within this process of constant innovation the thermal break plays a fundamental role. 

Extrual collaborates on a regular basis with the world leader in design and manufacturing such as Technoform in polyamide 6.6 with 25% fiberglass. The result of this collaboration is embodied in each of our systems. 

A critical part of thermal break systems is the assembly. Thanks to the collaboration in design and development with our supplier Extrual's systems ensure compliance with the UNE-14024 Standard as well as the stringent French NF Standard. 

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