Technical Support

Our technical department will advise you regarding your projects, providing the necessary assistance and documentation for your success. Among others, you can request:  

  • Carpentry specifications and strength calculations.  
  • Energy calculations for thermal insulation optimisation.   
  • Budgeting and installations advice.  
  • Issuance of specific certificates for particular projects upon request.  
Apoyo técnico de EXTRUAL extruidos del aluminio
planos para las Jornadas de formación en EXTRUAL extruidos del aluminio

This technical assistance is supplemented with training sessions for architects and workshops in our facilities, where you will be shown all the information regarding our systems. These training sessions are further complemented with Window Training Workshops, which we carry out in Architectural Colleges with our main distributors and the most prestigious suppliers in the field of glass, paint, polyamides or others.  

If you are interested in taking or organising a workshop, please contact us.