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Equality Plan

  • At EXTRUAL, we are aware that our strategic management must be in line with the needs and demands of society, as we consider ourselves a reference benchmark social agent and within whose scope are established continuous employment and personal relationships.
  • For this reason, there is an Equality Plan between Women and Men in the company, following the guidelines set by the Organic Law 3/2007, on the effective equality of women and men and in the RD 901/2020 of equality plans and registration thereof.

Equality Committee

For this purpose, the first Equality Plan was established in 2020 and it is renewed every time upon conclusion of its validity ends. It is made up of the company’s management and the legal representatives of the company’s employees, and it is the working team which is in charge of drawing up the Plan and, of course, of ensuring its compliance and implementation. 

Situation analysis

A preliminary situation analysis is likewise drawn up in which quantitative and qualitative data are analysed in relation to selection processes, access to employment, career promotion, training, working conditions, reconciliation of personal, family and working life, communication and language etc. 

The objective of the Equality Plan is to enforce and ensure compliance with the principle of equal opportunities between men and women, promoting the hiring and promotion thereof in the company without any type of gender-based discrimination. 


Elsewhere, in order to ensure an environment free of sexual harassment and gender-based harassment, there is a prevention and action against harassment protocol available.


Real and effective equality

"We address the implementation of the Equality Plan as a modernisation of our management system which will undoubtedly produce an internal structure and relationships with society in which our actions are free of gender-based discrimination, contributing to social progress intended at attaining real and effective equality”.