E-150 TBS (Minimalist)

Minimalist window and door sliding system with large sashes of up to 500 Kg weight, with thermal break system. Very competitive and developed to optimise the assembly reducing time and machining, being able to carry out the glazing in the workshop itself, enabling the selection of the glass supplier. MINIMALISTIC aesthetics of straight and elegant lines with perimeter frames hidden on site. With the possibility of motorising the sashes, ideal for people with reduced mobility.

Sections and thicknesses


  • Dual rail window frames: 128 mm. 
  • Triple rail window frames: 197 mm. 
  • Sash: 42.6 mm 
  • Side view section: 35 mm. 
  • Central view section: 25 mm


  • 1,6-2,0 mm
Sizes and maximum weights
  • Maximum weight: 500 Kg.
  • 36 mm.
Thermal transmittance and CTE compliance areas
  • UH transmittance from 0.9 (W/m2K) 
  • Consult typology, dimensions and glass 
  • CTE: Suitable for climatic areas: α, A, B, C, D, E 
  • Depending on glass transmittance 
Acoustic insulation
  • Up to RW: 42 dB 
  • As per UNE-EN 14351-1 Standard. Annex B/UNE-EN 12354-3:2001 AND ISO 717-1:20013 STANDARDS
Test fixture categories
  • Air permeability (UNE-EN 1026-2000) 
    CLASS: 4 
  • Water tightness (UNE-EN 1027-2000) 
    CLASS: 9A 
  • Wind resistance (UNE-EN 12211-2000) 
    CLASS: C5 
Opening possibilities

  • Two-sash sliding

  • Three-sash sliding

  • Four-sash sliding

  • Six-sash sliding

  • Eight-sash sliding

  • Fixed + 1 or 2 sashes
  • Option of three or four tracks 
  • Single, 2-sash and 3-sash recessed sliding 
  • Single, 2-sash and 4-sash on wall sliding 


Corredera serie E-150 de EXTRUAL extruidos del aluminio