Majorcan Shutters

Discover the applications and types of aluminium Majorcan shutters

First of all, it must be clarified that a Majorcan is not an ensaimada (pastry). It could be, but it is not. In the world of aluminium, a Majorcan shutter is a type of lattice, made of louvers in a frame. These louvers can be fixed or adjustable, so that their inclination can be changed. At the same time, the adjustable louvers can come with a motorised system for movement or can be manual.

The name of this curious object is persianas mallorquinas (Majorcan shutters) and comes from the French: “persienne”. Eighteenth century French merchants commenced to import from Persia wooden slats which protected them from the sun, which allowed light and a pleasant breeze in . 

As with other types of shutters, for example, Venetian blinds, the Majorcan shutters take that name for being a traditional element of the Balearic architecture. The traditional Majorcan shutters is made of wooden slats affixed to a frame, generally green. 

Majorcan shutter applications 


  • Insulation: These elements help to reduce exterior noise, having an acoustic damping effect. Likewise depending on the shutter sealing, these can also be thermal insulators. 
  • Security: Provide additional safety protection, performing the same function as a lattice but with a much more elegant aesthetic. 
  • Solar protection: One of the main applications is to protect windows from direct sunlight, allowing light through (There is a very detailed article on the advantages of solar protection available) 
  • Brightness control: Derived from the above, depending on the louvers’ orientation the light brightness level in a room can be controlled. 
  • Privacy: Privacy: Another of the fundamental aspects is the effect that these louvers have to hide the interior of our house from the public, without sacrificing precious natural lighting.
Ventanas mallorquinas de aluminio EXTRUAL extruidos del aluminio

Types of Majorcan shutters 


  • Fixed: These shutters would remain immobile in front of the window. 
  • Hinged: These Majorcan shutters could be opened much like an exterior shutter, being the most similar to the original shutters. 
  • Sliding: This type can slide over a track and confers the possibility to obtain or avoid the radiation completely with the lattice. 
  • Folding: These Majorcan shutters have to the possibility to be folded to one side, as if these were a book.


One can find in our catalogue aluminium louver solutions to suit your home or your project. For example, our KIKAU – Sliding or Hinged and Folding Majorcan Shutter. 

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