Perfiles de aluminio para mobiliario urbano de EXTRUAL extruidos de aluminio

Use of aluminium in urban furniture: a sustainable trend

Cities and the urban landscape in general are packed with facilities. If one looks back in history, it can be found that in Ancient Greece there were already numerous examples of urban furniture that in a certain way facilitated the transit, comfort and safety of pedestrians, such as lighting and even surfaces for rest areas. Nevertheless, it is after the Second World War when the aesthetics and landscaping of cities became particularly important and in recent years, the trend of using reusable and sustainable materials, has increased the use of aluminium as the main component of most elements of urban furniture.  

At Extrual, we manufacture aluminium urban furniture with high quality and strength, as well as environmentally friendly. Our clients, leading companies in the construction and infrastructure industry, architects, designers and public institutions convey the idea and design to us, and our experts manufacture the various pieces or our project team is directly in charge of the design, always complying with the highest standards of quality and avant-garde design.  

Bollards, marquees, benches, fountains, planters, litter bins, streetlights, bike racks etc. any type of element which is part of the urban furniture and that requires a continuous outdoor use, exposed to inclement weather, can be manufactured in aluminium. Moreover, the technique used in Extrual is the extrusion of aluminium which imbues the material greater strength.

Use of extruded aluminium in urban furniture 

Although aluminium is one of the toughest materials available, the technique used to form the urban furniture will affect its strength and durability. At Extremal, extruded aluminium instead of cast aluminium is chosen as this technique imbues it superior strength, allowing for a reduction in thickness (less amount of material), very precise tolerances, smooth surfaces and high resistance to weathering.  

During the technical development of urban furniture, certain main aspects are taken into account such as: ensure the most user-friendly maintenance of the different parts such as streetlights or benches, the ability to replace components quickly and easily, recovery and reuse of materials and components of the product once its life cycle is over, and a design for disassembly that is useful for recycling.  

For this reason, aluminium is the most appropriate material for the manufacture of urban furniture and extrusion is the most suitable technique.

Design and manufacture of urban furniture

The design is the pre-manufacturing stage. Many of our clients, facilitate their plans so that Extrual can handle the manufacturing process directly. On other occasions, the client entrusts his/her idea to our designers to carry out a formal design. Once revised, this sketch passes to the formal design stage in which the geometry of the part is precisely defined which will be able to be more contemporary, current, classic, modern, innovative or not etc. but shall always have to respond to a real requirement of the cities which are to house these and of course, of the users. 

The manufacture of urban furniture is the definition of the design and therefore, the last stage of production. At Extrual, as urban furniture manufacturers take into consideration and comply with the European Union regulations. 

All our aluminium street furniture pieces are delivered pre-assembled to facilitate the work of our clients, street furniture suppliers. Likewise offering  the possibility of shipping directly to the end client. This option is very common option among the companies which place their trust in us as it shortens transport and delivery deadlines considerably. 

Extrual, committed to sustainable cities

At Extrual we are urban furniture manufacturers and we are proud of this fact as we bear the social responsibility to manufacturer pieces which are truly useful, resistant to use and weathering and that are sustainable with the environment that surrounds these pieces in order to reduce the carbon footprint.  

Our work methodology with aluminium extrusion is focused on offering a comprehensive service. Our professionals have the knowledge required and the highest expertise in the correct handling of this material. Should you require further information as regards our services, please contact us. 

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