EXTRUAL extruidos del aluminio, a la vanguardia en sostenibilidad y calidad, consigue la certificación ALU+C

At the forefront of sustainability and quality

The duty to submit new proposals, action plans and undertake specific actions in terms of sustainability is applicable both at the individual and corporate level.

Nowadays, any company which wishes to make solid headway in its objectives, is required to update its processes, guiding these companies to take into account the finiteness of resources, the use of renewable energies and the use of raw materials with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

In a sector such as the industrial sector, every action taken in this direction is a challenge and an achievement to be celebrated. That is why we wish to share with you two important milestones which are helping us to become a reference benchmark in terms of sustainability and quality as a company that works with aluminum.

ALU+C Audit Certification

We are one of the few Spanish companies which has attained a favourable assessment in the ALU+C Audit. This certification certifies that Extrual complies with the stringent carbon emission requirements in both the production as well as manufacturing processes, including our suppliers and traders.

Achieving this result likewise implies complying with the SNFA/GFA requirements, which will contribute to having a greater international presence, as certain countries require these certifications for the purposes of undertaking commercial operations.

The daily business and the constant pursuit to act responsibly in the production and processing of aluminum has enabled the company to pass this important audit.

Hydro Reduxa Aluminum

Similarly in line with reducing the carbon footprint of all our products and those of our clients, at Extrual we have started to work with Hydro Reduxa aluminum.

This revolutionary aluminum has one of the world’s lowest carbon footprint to date, and it is due to the use of renewable energy from water, wind and sun.

The result is the ability to work with an aluminum which is cleaner than ever before and just as resistant and temperate as ever.

Hydro is a leading aluminum and energy company committed to a sustainable future. Extrual has decided to include to its list of suppliers, thereby adding to the purpose of creating a more creating a more environmentally aware and eco-friendly world.

Both milestones, the achievement of the ALU+C audit certificate and the commitment to Hydro Reduxa, place Extrual at the forefront of sustainability and quality certifications.

Thank you for your continued trust.

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