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Extrual, a company committed to Equality

At Extrual we maintain a clear commitment to the establishment and development of policies which integrate equal treatment and opportunities among all persons. To that end, measures to obtain effective equality and contribute to the elimination of any discrimination, particularly those directly or indirectly based on gender, are fostered. 

In this regard, we have developed and are implementing our Equality Plan, whose objective is to foster a work environment where all people enjoy the same opportunities in the development of their professional careers. 

Classified into six principal areas, the Equality Plan which has been developed includes matters such as salary policy, adequacy of facilities, reconciliation of personal, family and working life, equality in access and employment relationships, and career development and promotion. In each of these areas, objectives and the required actions to attain same have been established. 

Therefore, Extrual continues to make headway in terms of equality and intends to be a reference benchmark in this area within the industrial sector, which is generally unbalanced as regards gender.  

Specified below are the actions which we are undertaking.

Measures for Equality in employment

At Extrual we have a strong commitment to equal opportunities and which is why, we seek to foster that commitment in job vacancies. Furthermore, there is a personnel recruitment and selection protocol, giving priority in hiring to the underrepresented sex. 

We are aware that the sector in which we operate is male dominated and therefore we incorporate messages that invite women to apply for our job vacancies. We furthermore foster the conversion of part-time contracts into full-time contracts to make working with us even more attractive.

Fitting-out of the facilities

Our facilities are adapted and customised so that both men and women feel comfortable in the toilets as well as the changing rooms. 

Effective monitoring of Equality

At Extrual we keep a salary register and of the different leaves requested for conciliation in order to ensure that these are rendered effective and equal for men and women in the company. Furthermore, the ease of changing shifts is likewise something which is promoted on a daily basis. 

Training and internal communication related to gender equality

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One of our priorities and tasks which are considered fundamental is training on equality and harassment issues for management, middle management, HR and the Equality Committee, as well as holding awareness-raising sessions for the entire personnel. 

Another of the tasks is to keep the personnel on leave apprised of the training actions for the reconciliation of personal, family and working life so that these employees can undertake that training following their incorporation in the event that it is not possible to take it during the TI. 

Our commitment is similarly to disseminate the various existing leaves of absence, rights and work-life balance measures so that all those who wish or require to avail themselves of these measures are aware of the new developments. 

Internal communication between the Equality Committee and personnel  shall be frequent and bidirectional so that both parties may intervene and have the most updated information always available.

External dissemination of our Equality PlanExternal dissemination of our Equality Plan

During 2022 we will launch an information campaign for the dissemination of our Equality Plan, with the objective of making the public, our clients and environment aware of the actions we undertake.

Actions advocating equality 

From among the series of actions already underway at Extrual, likewise is the creation of a prevention and action against moral, sexual and gender-based harassment protocol.  

Our mission is likewise to facilitate working conditions for female workers who are victims of domestic violence.  

Extrual as a reference benchmark company in the aluminium sector is committed to continue working in the area of equality, and with these initiatives we seek to break down the barriers between men and women, and like that fight for equality not only in the workplace but in all spheres of society. 

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