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Discover our new window, balcony and E-140 sliding door system

At Extrual we are committed to the highest quality of service and performance offered to our clients and as a result, we have added to our range of products the new window, balcony and E-140 sliding door system, manufactured from the highest quality.  

A new system which stands out for its high performance and for its excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as optimum energy savings. At a functional level, it stands out for its fast assembly, as it is designed to reduce time and machining.

Excellent thermal and acoustic performance

This new Extrual system has a thermal bridge breakage and features  optimised qualities to ensure its thermal and acoustic performance, thanks to its innovative optimised design of the frame protected by the granting of UTILITY MODEL 202131479, OBTAINING a Uf frame transmittance from 2.1 W/m2K and an Uh cavity transmittance from 0.9 W/m2K.

Excellent watertightness and air permeability

Extrual’s window, balcony and E-140 sliding door system has upper and lower Tri-Fin mats which ensure the sliding of the sashes. Its lateral and central seals with EPDM gaskets ensure unrivalled performance with CLASS 4 air permeability and excellent CLASS 7A watertightness. 

Aesthetics designed to maximise the glazed surface area

Its straight aesthetics with reduced section leaves, with 61 mm for the upper, lower and side leaves and only 32 mm for the central leaf, maximise the glazed surface, which provides greater luminosity to the rooms where these are installed and thus ensuring heat gain.

Sliding or lift-and-slide door: options to suit any spasce

The E-140 system offers the option of sliding doors with leaves weighing up to 200 kg or lift-and-slide doors with leaves weighing up to 250 kg, perfect for suiting multiple spaces and styles. 

Multiple tracks and various finishes

This model is available in 2 (75 mm frame), 3 (132 mm frame) and 4 (189 mm frame) tracks, with 48 mm leaves. It is supplemented by the E75P system for integration in all its variants of fixed or hinged panels.

For further customisation, there is the possibility of using single or multiple locking point latches with the option of both interior and exterior locking, operated by a wide variety of handles in design and finishes. In addition to various aluminium finishes such as lacquered colours (RAL, flecked and rugged), wood effect, anodised and there is even the possibility of a bicolour manufacture. 

The E-140 enables to obtain premium insulation values and meet the requirements of the most demanding projects. We invite you to learn more about its features by  downloading the technical specifications or to contact us so that our experts can study and recommend the most suitable materials for your project.

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