Fachada de la fábrica de EXTRUAL extruidos del aluminio

Extrual, a company committed to Albacete society

We are proud of the fact that 2021 has been a year in which we have managed to meet our challenges and wherein our commitment to Albacete has been strengthened more than ever, given the fact that it is the place where the company was created in 1981.  

Throughout these years, we have been growing hand in hand with the development of this city and currently, we have two production plants, one plant in the Campollano industrial estate and the other in the Camporosso industrial estate. 

Extrual, comprometidos con AlbaceteExtrual, committed to Albacete

For Extrual, the commitment to its more than 300 employees is a priority; but it is likewise a priority to give back to Albacete in solidarity with all that the city has given us to make our business growth possible. 

For this reason, we foster various actions and collaborations with non-profit associations, in order to act in support of charitable and social causes. 

Some of the most important actions which we have carried out this year are as follows: 

As sponsors of the Albacete Balompié Football Club, in December we collaborated with its Foundation by organising one more year a food drive for the benefit of the Institución Sagrado Corazón. Elsewhere, members of our team made donations and one of our trucks was lent to transport those donations, in addition to those made by people who dropped by the Carlos Belmonte Stadium. 

Given our involvement with Alba, for World Breast Cancer Awareness Day we presented a special Fair gear, with solidarity purposes. Both Extrual and the club, are aware of this serious disease, and that is why 30% of the proceeds from the sale of these t-shirts in store went equally earmarked to the AECC of Albacete and AMAC associations. 

In November we participated in the Albacete en positivo’ awards, organised by the Cadena COPE Network, we sponsored and presented the award for solidarity to Amparo López, an Albacete native who has been helping foreigners from the African continent to adapt to our environment for more than two decades, from teaching these persons the language to finding a job. It was an honour for us to share these moments with her and for her to tell us about her experiences. 

Within our CSR actions, it is similarly important for us to promote the culture of Albacete and that is why this summer, we were official sponsors of the first Antorchas Festival. A unique event which combined music and gastronomy, and wherein we participated actively as we wished to raise awareness and promote the delights of our land.

Nor did we miss the opportunity to support once again during summer the values that sport offers and for that reason, we sponsored the tenth edition of the Alps de las Castillas professional tournament at the Pinaillas Golf Club in Albacete. A tournament which will go down in history for having broken the course record with 62 strokes. 

We did not forget the Albacete Women’s Week, which was held in March for International Women’s Day, and during which we organised, together with the Albacete Balompié Football Club, a number of raffles of club jerseys and an Experiences Box among the club’s members. This collaboration is part of our commitment to equality in the corporate and sports world. 

A series of actions that we proudly undertake knowing that we contribute our grain of sand to the society of Albacete. For us 2022 poses several challenges and objectives to continue our work to extol the culture, society and values of our city, Albacete.

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